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Overcoming the IP challenges – QoS and QoE. Service and Network level visibility-beyond network borders – the need for total visibility

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The KatasKopeo platform combines: hardware, software, and consultancy to furnish Real-Time Monitoring Solutions of Network Applications based services.

It provides a complete vision of services, correlating the flow of traffic with the status of applications and available infrastructure resources (Server and Network Nodes):


A dashboard based on the correlation of events


Control of SLA with measures of the KPI (Quality of Service)

Reduces intervention times and related costs:


Tailored to specific needs


Real-Time monitoring (L2->L7) and more;


Alarms, Drill-Down anomalies, and production of reports.

(Service Performance Monitoring)


The growing demand of on-line video content has determined for different service providers the adoption of a capable infrastructure for optimizing the distribution of multimedia content. Such infrastructure (CDN, or Content Delivery Network) is, in essence, a grouping of computers that interact with the terminals of individual users. But the final service, which its proper control remains a key to success, depends on external factors to the network and are not easily controlled with the traditional instruments, especially given the complexity of the processes and of the protocols utilized to transmit multimedia content.
Therefore, the adoption of a single CDN network might not be sufficient, because the different technologies and protocols in play (moreover managed dynamically during the Client-Server dialogue) require a deep and instant analysis for the correct evaluation of the phenomenon and/or the localization of eventual anomalous events.
It is fundamental therefore for the multimedia service provider to equip itself with instruments of real-time analysis in order to:

  • Estimate, as quickly as possible, the possible User Experience
  • Automatically detect anomalies, criticalness or simple degrading of data transfers in order to allow the restoration and/or optimization of the service quickly and efficaciously.

Kataskopeo’s solution which offers all of this is K-Cdn. K-Cdn is a platform that combines HW, SW, and consultancy to furnish a solution for the analysis and control, in real-time, of multimedia content transferred across an IP-network infrastructure. This allows the network administrator to perform the following in real-time:

  • Proactive monitoring of all the CDN network components, both at the physical and application levels
  • Proactive monitoring of all the user’
    s requests for single content
  • Real-time statistics on the distributions of requests and of the content provided from the network
  • Live geo-localization of users and of servers that provide the service
  • Troubleshooting of network anomalies and of the quality of transfer service
  • Asset Management of the entirety of interested netwrok
  • Log Management of all components of the CDN network or other associated servers

K-Cdn is entirely modular and scalable to cover any demands in terms of capability and redundancy.

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The Kataskopeo Deep Packet Inspection (KDPI) system permits the deep analysis of each TCP/IP packet, with the aim of locating the destination of data-flow use. The combination of data communication and Radius flow protocols, permits the localization of added information for each data-flow. For example, it furnishes the brand, model of mobile device, and the geographic area in which it is located. A data-flow is considered a single bidirectional TCP/IP communication between a mobile operator’s client and almost any website they visit.

For each data-flow the following pieces of information are collected:

  • Protocol/Service used for the data-flow
  • Brand/Model of mobile telephone used by the user
  • Geographic area where the mobile phone is situated
  • Time frame when the communication takes place
  • Statistical data (Transferred bytes, number of TCP/IP packets, etc.)

The data gathered is then stored in a database with a multi-dimensional structure to offer a dynamic and real-time analysis based on an On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) type of architecture. In other words, the system permits for the automatic generation and periodical reporting of frequent use.

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KWAP is a Corporate Analytic Fabric Needs Platform.
KWAP is a step ahead from existing intelligent software. KWAP is capable of automatically understanding network protocols and digital content, it can reconstruct processes through the analysis of comportments and actions on the network, and can manage compliance content for business processes and policies, all in a “non-conventional” manner.
KWAP runs on any TCP/IP Ethernet network and is capable of analysing and mining data from major communication protocols.
KWAP is an innovated product that reconstructs packets that travel through networks, facilitationg the reconstruction of vital information for the correct use of the services provided.
Its strong points are:

  • Stand-alone structure
  • Real-time visualization of data
  • Client-defined KPI and thresholds

KWAP reconstructs traffic thanks to a Monitor port (or Span Port) purposefully configured on the network devices, or thanks to the implementation of TAP (port-doublers), in this way it is not necessary to install additional software on the machine that is to be monitored. This way, avoiding compatibility problems or loss of performance.

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